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About the IndianMineralsnmetals

IIndian Minerals and Metal Corporation is a global material solutions providing company. We utilize nature’s raw materials to provide solutions for customers and society with value creation. Famak International is subsidiary company of Indian Minerals and Metals Corporation.

Indian Minerals and Metal Corporation was founded in 1998, initially supplying Kaolin, Bentonite and Silica Sand to Ceramics, Foundry and glass producers. Today, Indian Minerals and Metal Corporation is supplying excellent quality of raw materials to Drilling & Exploration, Refractory, Steel, Casting and Moulding, Paint, Rubber, Ceramics, Foundry, Cement, Glass, GRC, Water Treatment, Sport Turf Surface, Artificial Stone, Fiber Glass, Constructions and Fiber Glass manufacturing companies. The safety of our employees, visitors and contractors is our priority and we put great effort into achieving both zero workplace injuries and caring for the wellness of our employees.

Silica Sand / Quartz Grit
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